Wednesday, May 6, 2009

God's Forgiveness (Ahmed Samani Part 6)

Another Ahmad Sam'ani post. This is basically a follow-up of a previous post.

Ahmad Sam'ani is basically continuing with his explanation of the the Quranic verse mentioned in the previous post.
"On the Day of Resurrection, you will say, "My body, my body!" Muhammed will say, "My community, my community!" Paradise will say, "My share, my share!" Hell will say, "My portion, my portion!" 
The Lord of Exaltation will say, "My servant, my servant!" ..." 
Ahmad Sam'ani then moves further on, stressing that God's Forgiveness and Mercy knows no bounds and is unlimited:
"O angels, you have obedience! O messengers, you have messenger-hood! O pious ascetics, you have asceticsm! O worshippers, you have worship! O disobedient servants, you have the Lord! Surely you know that the Prophet has said, 'Whoevers does ugly deeds or wrongs himself and then asks for forgiveness from God will find God. Whoever finds God and sees his own share with Him will not wish for other than God ... 
At the beginning of the verse, He says, O My servants! At the end of the verse, He says, Turn unto your Lord 39:54. O you to whom I belong, and O you who belong to Me! Do not despair! Do not lose hope in My mercy, for the servant is not without sins, and the Lord is not without mercy"
This post concludes my posts on Ahmad Sam'ani's discussion of God's Forgiveness. I strongly recommend the book "Sufism: A Beginners Guide" by William Chittick from which this information was retrieved.

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