Sunday, April 26, 2009

His Mercy overcomes His Wrath (Ahmed Sam'ani Part 5)

O My servants who have been immoderate against yourselves, do not despair of God’s mercy – surely God will forgive all sins. 39:53

Ahmad Sam’ani’s commentary follows:
“It has been reported that someone recited this verse before the Messenger of God (peace and blessing be upon him and his noble family). When the reciter reached the words, surely God will forgive all sins, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said,”Indeed He will, and He does not care.” Then he said three times, “God curse the alienators,” that is, those who make people despair of God’s mercy.”
Further Ahmad Sam’ani states that God has said I “will forgive all sins” and not I “have forgiven all sins” - lest the servant hold back from beseeching, weeping, fear, and hope.”The servant must stay between hope and fear”.

Then Ahmad Sam'ani further delves into God's forgiveness by elaborating the use of "O My Servants" in the above ayah of the Quran.

“O my servants! Which servants? Not “those who have obeyed”, not “those who have responded”, not “those who have performed the prayer”, not “those who have performed the hajj”, not “those who struggle”, not “those who give alms”. Then which ones? Those who have been immoderate, those who have passed beyond the limits!" ...  
"Those that have been immoderate. He did not tear the curtain. He did not say, "They commited adultery, they murdered." He mentioned the short of it - Those who have been immoderate. They were immoderate. Since He wants to, He forgives. He does not tear the curtain."
"He did not say to the Throne, "O My Throne.", Nor to the Pen, "O My Pen," nor to the Tablet, "O My Tablet", nor to the Garden, "O My Garden", nor to the Fire, "O My Fire." He said to the disobedient, "O My Servants," That is enough pride for you - O My Servants!"

I have continued to quote Ahmad Sam'ani's explanation of this verse in this post

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