Monday, May 28, 2012

Bishr the Barefoot

"Ahmad-ibn Hanbal visited Beshr frequently, having a complete faith in him to such a point that his pupils protested. “Today you are without rival as a scholar of Traditions, the law, theology and every manner of science, yet every moment you go after a [poor]fellow. Is that seemly?”
“Indeed, in all the sciences you have enumerated I have better knowledge than he,” Ahmad-e Hanbal replied. “But he knows God better than I.”

Sinners and Saints

My sin that led me to You is better than pretentious worship that led me away from You.
Praise belongs to You. How subtle you are with Guidance.
Bishr Hafi found you in the tavern whilst the man in prostration went astray.

- Khaadim

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life's Regret

The most regrerful thing in ones life is to not fall in love with the Real. To fall for other than the Real is like falling for a mirage only to realize its nothingness. In the end everything in ones life including life itself vanishes like that mirage.

Fortunate ones realize the foolishness of loving the unreal, and the agony of this realization is great. But greater is the agony of knowing all this and still being unable to truly fall in love.

- Khaadim

Demands of Love

If you find it difficult to put up with your beloved's demands and coquetry, how can you expect to live up to Her Love? Abandon now the idea of being Her lover for Her Love demands your very life.

- Khaadim