Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dhikr in Times of Hardship

In times of great distress, Ibn `Abbas narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and grant him peace) used to say:

La ilaha ill-Allah ul-`Azimul-Halim, la ilaha ill-Allahu rabbu’l`arshi-l’`azim, la ilaha ill-Allahu rabbu`ssamawati wa rabbu’l-ardi wa rabbu’l`arshi-l-karim

“There is no god but Allah, the Awesome, the Forbearing, there is no god but Allah, the Lord of the mighty throne, there is no god but Allah the Lord of the heavens and the earth and the noble throne.”

Repeat this until the distress is removed.

Ya Latifan bi khalqihi ya `Aliman bi khalqihi ya Khabiran bi khalqihi ultuf bina ya Latifu ya `Alimu ya Khabiru

(repeat 3 times)

O One Who is gentle with His creation, O One who has complete knowledge of His creation, O One who has complete awareness of His creation! Treat us with gentleness O Gentle, O All-Knowing, O All-Aware!

Ya Latifan lam yazal ultuf bina fima nazal innaka Latifun lam yazal ultuf bina wa’l-muslimin

O Gentle Who remains for ever, be gentle to us in all that befalls us, You are constantly Gentle, treat us and the Muslims with gentleness!

(repeat 3 times)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My sad necessity

Four things, O God, I have to offer Thee
Which thou has not in all Thy Treasury;
My nothingness, my sad necessity,
My fatal sin and earnest penitence.
Receive these gifts and take the Giver hence.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Complete Durood Taj - translation and transliteration

Sallallahu alaika ya Muhammad



O my Allah
Bless our noble lord
and master
Muhammad -

Possessor is he of -
The crown celestial,
The ascension ethereal,
The steed supernal,
And the standard of
Truth and discernment eternal.

Dispeller is he of:
Tribulations inescapable,
Plagues incurable,
Famines horrible,
Ailments unbearable,
And tragedies terrible.

Whose name-
Scribed eternally,
Elevated incomparably,
Interceding unfailingly-
Is etched indelibly
On the tablet heavenly.

Lord is he alike of
The Arab and
The non-Arab.

His earthly form-
Sacred and Fragrant,
Pure and Radiant-
Adorns the House
And the Sanctuary.

Like the bright Sun at midday,
And like the full moon at midnight,
Established at the heights of zenith,
Our Guiding Light,
Haven for the hapless,
He is the lamp dispelling the darkness.

Adorned with qualities most beautiful,
Intercessor is he for all people.
Possessor of majesty is he,
And also of generosity bountiful.

And Allah is his Protector,
Gabrielle his valet,
The steed supernal, his ride,
The ascension sublime his journey,
Loftiest height his station,
Intimacy with Truth his desire,
His desire his Objective,
And one with his Objective, he already is. 

Leader of the messengers from heaven,
Seal of the prophets,
Intercessor for the sinners,
Friend of the poor,
Mercy for worlds, 
Bliss for lovers,
Goal of the aspirants,
Sun among the Gnostics,
Beaconing light for the seekers of Truth,
Illuminating lamp for the ones up and close,
Beloved of the poor, of the needy,
And of the downtrodden too, 
Is he. 

Master of the worlds: the seen and the unseen,
Prophet of the two Sanctuaries,
Leader of the two directions of prayer,
Means of felicity is he in both abodes:
Here and in the Hereafter.

Possessor of proximity to the Truth,
Beloved of the Lords of the easts and wests,
Grandfather of Hasan and Hussain,
Our liege lord is he,
And also the lord of all beings:
Seen and unseen.

Father of Qasim,
Muhammad, son of Abdullah,
Is verily Light from the Light of Allah.

O ye, who are eager to behold
His radiant beauty eternal,
Send blessings on him galore,
And also on his family,
And on his companions;
And say the greetings of peace
Unto them all.

Translation from

Allahumma salli `ala sayyidina wa mawlana Muhammadin sahibit taji wal-mi`raji wal-buraqi wal-`alam. Dafi` al-bala'i wal-waba'i wal-qahti wal-maradi wal-alam. ismuhu maktubum marfu`um mashfu`um manqushun fil lawhi wal-qalam. Sayyidil `arabi wal-`ajam. Jismuhu muqaddasum mu`attarum mutahharum munawwarun fil-bayti wal-haram. Shamsid duha badrid duja sadril `ula nuril huda kahfil wara misbahiz zulam. Jamilish shyami shafi` il-umam. Sahibil judi wal-karam. Wallahu `asimuhu. Wa jibrilu khadimuhu. Wal-buraqu markabuhu. Wal-mi`raju safaruhu wa sidratu al-muntaha maqamuhu. Wa qaba qawsayni matlubuhu. Wal-matlubu maqsuduhu wal-maqsudu mawjuduh. Sayyidil mursalin. Khatimin nabiyyeena shafi`il mudhnibin. Anisil gharibeena rahmatil lil `alamin. Rahatil `ashiqeen. Muradil mushtaqeen. Shamsil `arifeen. Sirajis salikeen Misbahil muqarrabeen. Muhibbil fuqara'ay wal-ghuraba’ay wal-masakeen. Sayyidith thaqalaynay nabiyyil haramayn. imamil qiblatayn. Waseelatina fid darayn. Sahibi qaba qawsayni mahbubi rabbil mashriqayni wal-maghribayn. Jadd al-hasani wal-husayn mawlana wa mawlath thaqalayn Abil Qasimi MUHAMMAD dibni `Abdillahi nurinm min nurillahi yaa ayyuhal mushtaquna bi nuri jamalihi sallu `alayhi wa alihi wa ashabihi wa sallimu taslima.
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