Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another attempt by me

Yesterday my life was like winter. Cold had hardened my heart and frozen all emotions. The Sun had stopped smiling at me. The flowers were upset and in protest shed their leaves. All color had left as if it never existed. The singing birds had migrated to far off places. The music of life had stopped; silence prevailed.

Then came the spring of my life. With its warmth it brought light. The flowers once again blossomed; the rose spread its fragrance far and wide. The Sun gently smiled at me and sent its warm rays as a token of appreciation, touching my skin tenderly. The birds flocked back singing praises of his Blessing. Once again the orchestra of life played its ecstatic music.

I asked the singing birds, the smiling Sun, the gentle breeze, and the blooming flowers, the cause of their rejoicing. They exclaimed in unity, Behold Khaadim thy beloved has arrived!
- Khaadim


  1. For the sun remains shining bright,
    Our heart plays tricks with our eyes.

    The flowers journey has its ups and downs,
    So we can marvel at the colorful beauty of life.

    Keep faith in Him despite all around you,
    For my friend, the Beloved has never left.

  2. Indeed, the Beloved has never left. Did you write this? It is quite good.