Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Creator and His sinners (Ahmed Sama'ni Part 4)

William Chittick claims that Allah desires to make human beings aware of their nothingness so that they will put aside their pride and open up to Allah’s gentleness, love, and forgiveness.
And Master Ahmad Sam’ani writes so beautifully this story of sin and forgiveness that it should give us sinners some hope.

“O tree, put up your head next to Adam’s throne!
O appetite for fruit, enter into Adam’s heart!
O accursed one, let loose the reins of your whispering!
O Eve, you show the way!
O Adam, don’t eat the fruit, have self restraint!
O Self-restraint, don’t come near Adam!”

O God, God, what is all this?
“We want to bring Adam down from the throne of indifference to the earth of need.
We want to make evident the secret of love.”

“O servant, avoid disobedience and stay away from caprice!
O caprice, you take his reins!
O world, you display yourself to him!
O servant, you show self restraint!
O self-restraint, don’t come near him!”

O God, God, what is all this?
“We want to make the servant plead with Us?
We want to make apparent Our attribute of forgiveness”

I cannot type Ahmad Sam’ani’s words here for they are very lengthy. But, here are selections from long paragraphs that encourage us sinners and hopeless dejected beings to not lose hope …

“No sin is as great as the first one … this is especially true when the person was nourished on beneficence and nurtured through blessings … Since he pardoned the first slip, this is proof that He will pardon all sins … After all we have a thousand times more excuses than Adam had. If the darkness of clay is necessary, we have it. If the times should have become dark with injustice and corruption, we have that … At the first slip Adam was excused without any of these meanings. Since we have all these opacities, why should He not forgive us? In truth he will forgive us.”

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