Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eternal Love like this ...

A man came and said, "Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), I love you more than my family and my possessions. I remember you and I cannot wait until I can come and look at you. I remember that I will die and you will die and I know that when you enter the Garden, you will be raised up with the Prophets. When I enter it, I will not see you."

Allah then revealed, "Whosoever obeys Allah and the Messenger, those are with those whom Allah has blessed among the Prophets, the true ones, the martyrs and the right-doers. They are the best of Companions." The Prophet peace be upon him called the man and recited the verses to him.

(At Tabarani from Ash Shifa)

'Tis love - a fire in the heart, a pain in the breast, and dust on the face. The thought of paradise is not sufficient, the Beloved is the only aim.

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