Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spiritual Poverty - A fire in the heart, a pain in the breast, and dust on the face (Ahmed Sam'ani Part 3)

I would recommend everyone to read this beautiful post by nuruddinzangi on voluntary poverty.
Ahmad Sam’ani discusses spiritual poverty/need (niyaz in persian). He calls it 
“a fire in the heart, a pain in the breast, and dust on the face.”
This verse is worth memorizing and repeating. It is visual – it reminds one of majnun the faqir! Completely lost and utterly devastated in Layla’s love and in need of her.

This poverty is mentioned in the Quran: “O people, you are the poor toward God; and God – He is the Wealthy and Praiseworthy” 35:15
Furthermore, the lesson that Ahmad Sam’ani and William Chittick convey to us is that Spiritual Poverty is based on humility. Using Adam’s peace be upon him story Ahmad Sam’ani mentions that Adam’s mistake/sin taught him humility. Adam realized he was indigent (indigence: poverty in which real hardship and deprivation are suffered. From Whereas the angels were proud of their worship and past deeds:
"They said “We call you Holy”. Adam said “Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves”
Ahmad Sam’awi, in my opinion has beautifully summed up hope and fear in this story: 
“No obedient person should be self satisfied, and no disobedient should lose hope.”

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