Saturday, November 6, 2010

Doctors and Engineer's Islam

While perusing the Traditional Studies forum - a perennial philosophy forum, a philosophy I do not adhere to, but find some good in, I came across William Chittick's interview. He says discussing immigrants to the west:

"Very few immigrants come with the combination of traditional and modern education that is needed to speak intelligently in the West about religion generally and Islam specifically. They may be good doctors or engineers, but they do not know “religion” in the full sense of islam, iman, and ihsan. And if they do know it, they do not speak the same language as the doctors and the engineers. It is significant here that politicized Islam—so-called “fundamentalism”—is largely led by doctors and engineers, who are ignorant of anything but a smattering of Islam’s first dimension (law, practice), and who see religion as something like a grid that can be imposed on society, an engineering problem to be solved."

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