Thursday, November 19, 2009


Allah is our Lord
Muhammad is our Leader
The Koran is our Constitution
Jihad is our Way
Martyrdom is our Desire

The above was sticker Ed Husain had in his early days of  "radicalism". His father once saw this sticker and broke down in tears. He said, "My son, the Prophet was not leader, he is our master, the source of our spiritual nourishment. Leaders are for political movements, which Islam is not. The Koran is his articulation, as inspired by God, not a political document. It is not a constitution, but guidance and serenity for the believers heart. Jihad is a just war against tyranny and oppresion, fought by the Prophet after persecution, not a way. Why do these people call for martyrdom when their sons are in the best universities across the West?"

"Beware of extremism in religion; for it was extremism in religion that destroyed those who went before you"
A Hadith quoted in the Islamist by Ed Husain.

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