Saturday, August 8, 2009

Iqbal on Ahl e Bayt

Strangely plain and colorful is the story of Harem,
Its beginning is Ismail, Husain the end.
The station of Shabbir is truth everlasting,
Ways of Kufa and Syria change from time to time.
Not one Hussain is in the caravan of Hijaz is found,
Tresses of Tigris and Euphrates though are lustrous still.
Love is the truthfulness of Khalil, fortitude of Hussain is Love,
In the battle of life Badr and Hunain are love.

In the Muslims heart is the name of Muhammad (peace be upon him),
All our glory is from the name of Muhammad (peace be upon him),
He slept on a mat of rushes,
But the crown of Chosroes was under his followers' feet.

He chose the nightly solitude of Mount Hira,
And he founded a nation, laws and Goverment.
He passed many a nights with sleepless eyes,
In order that the millet might sleep on Chosroe's throne.

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