Wednesday, August 19, 2009


If my sweetheart associates one moment with strangers

It wants but little and I die of jealousy.
She said similing: "I am the lamp of the assembly, O Sa'di,
What is it to me if a moth kills itself?
- Saadi

So much competition to attract your attention, so many suitors madly in love that it causes me grief to know that I am not even a moth - willing to consume myself for the Beloved. Will I ever be known to the Beloved? 
And why should I be known? Not an atoms worth of work have I done, and am pretentious in my love.

But, how do I transform from an ugly caterpillar into a butterfly?
I tell myself that no amount of beseeching will help, no amount of weeping will do. But have I ever really begged? Have I ever shed a tear of anguish?

Perhaps Ghalib was right when he said, "Ishq par zor naheen, hai ye woh aatish Ghalib, k laagaye na laage aur bhujhaye na bhuje".
my poor translation: Love is uncontrollable, it is a fire, Ghalib, that cannot be lit if tried, nor extinguished if tried.

Then what is it - a gift?

- Khaadim

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