Saturday, May 2, 2009

For the Master of the youth of paradise

What is raining? Blood
Who? The eyes
How? Day and Night
Why? From grief
Grief for whom?
Grief for the King of Karbala

By Qaani - some poet in the 1800 perhaps. Found it here:
A shia website, but this article is by Annemarie Schimmel - a famous and respected scholar of Sufism.

Another beautiful translation by Annemarie Schimmel of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (famous Sufi of Sindh, Pakistan):
The hardship of Martyrdom, listen, is the day of joy.
Yazid has not got an atom of this love.
Death is the rain for the children of Ali
The hardship of martyrdom is all coquetry (naz)
The intoxicated understand the secret case of Karbala

And the most moving of all verses she translated:

The earth trembles, shakes; the skies are in uproar;
This is not war, this is the manifestation of Love

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